This Too Will Pass

A collaborative platform for change

This Too Will Pass responds to movement by encouraging people to physically move through the space along a common path, the High Street. The linearity of the design provides a spiritual link to the past and ongoing pilgrimage to Salisbury Cathedral. Thought, faith and ideas extend through collective conversations about the future, the present and the past. The sculpture is intended to capture a moment, to be interactive platform for the community to reflect on the past, make sense of this moment and to build (or not build) a better future.

This Too Will Pass

Multi-form sculpture - Recycled boards & polished stainless steel

Figures above listed below

1. Linear Approach – Watercolour concept

2. Chicksgrove Stone - in development

3. Model/makette – concept

4. Reflect the Past – Watercolour concept

5. Model/makette – in context

See listing for further details of collected works

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