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This Too Will Pass is a multi-form sculpture created by Tim Scrace.  The artwork created to mimic pilgrimage, the movement of people to and from Salisbury Cathedral was installed on the High Street in Salisbury during the summer of 2021. The piece is made of three inter-related parts that invite the city to stop and reflect on their past, present and future. The design and shaping of the installation encourages passers-by to interact with the work through movement and mark making.  During its short stay #TTWP was seen by over 90,000 people with over 3,000 interactions. The artwork is currently housed in the courtyard of the Enterprise Centre at the Old Fire Station in Salisbury where it was reworked to provide an outdoor venue to ignite creativity within the city.  

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Following its success Tim is now keen for the sculpture to continue its legacy and now offers this opportunity to work with him to adapt it to foster new conversations. If you would be interested purchasing or in collaborating with Tim to create a temporary or permanent home for this engaging piece then please contact the studio on 01722 658048 or register your interest using the simple form above. Viewings can be arranged by appointment.

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Artwork: This Too Will Pass by Tim Scrace
Materiality: Polished stainless steel, Recycled paper composite, Recycled plastic composite, Reclaimed Chilmark stone
Exhibited: : Installation 1 : Salisbury High Street > May - August 2021
Funding: The sculpture was funded by Arts Council England’s National Lottery Funding Grant
Robin McGowan of Salisbury BID said: “We have been delighted with Tim’s imaginative design for Salisbury’s High Street and have enjoyed seeing how residents and visitors have engaged with the sculpture, as they come into the city for shopping, eating and drinking.”
Deborah Fox, owner of local gallery, café and gift shop Fisherton Mill, said: “It is so exciting to see our cityscape being enlivened by this locally designed, interactive artwork for the summer season. Visitors and locals alike are now so much more appreciative of the outdoors and Salisbury is very blessed with vibrant and historic streets and our High Street views will be further enhanced with this addition.”
Robert Titley, Chair of Salisbury Cathedral’s Arts Advisory Committee and Canon Treasurer of Salisbury Cathedral said: “It is wonderful to see Cathedral stone used in this new work. The builders of our Cathedral were driven by faith and hope, and they reached out for something beyond the everyday. We see that same spirit in this installation, and it’s a spirit we all need as we look forward from this hardest of years.”
Jess Gibbons, Wiltshire Council Director, Community and Neighbourhood services, said: “We are delighted to have been able to help facilitate the installation of this interactive sculpture in an area of Salisbury where it will be seen by a large number of people. Although this piece of art was initially developed as part of the 800th anniversary of the Cathedral commemoration, the theme of ‘This Too Will Pass’ is particularly relevant and poignant given the events of the last year or so. We hope that residents and visitors to the city take the opportunity to interact with the sculpture and it enables them to reflect on their own past, present and future.”
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